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You may think "I can do it myself" or "Why do I need a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) as an advisor?"  These are valid thoughts.  But the real question is, "Can I better run my business and my personal affairs if I had someone qualified to manage my accounting, tax and finances?"


Every hour you spend tracking an expense, creating an invoice, or following up on a payment is time you could have spent growing your business and focusing on what you do best.  This is where your personal CPA / CFO comes in.  Fintz CPA doesn't just record your activity, create a financial statement or prepare a tax return.  Fintz CPA regularly provides CPA / CFO level evaluations of you and your business and seeks opportunities to make both more profitable.


Fintz CPA looks at your cash flow, your revenues, your expenses, your invoice process, your use of technology and your day-to-day operations to determine where you can achieve greater productivity.  Let Fintz CPA be your accounting, financial and tax partner.  Your satisfaction is Fintz CPA's number one priority.  We want you to achieve greater success and profitability.


Fintz CPA can strengthen you and your business and have the added benefit of freeing up more of your time.  Because it is your time, you can use it as you see fit.  Invest more in your business, spend more time with family, or take some well-deserved vacation.  Whichever you choose, let's work smarter together and reap the rewards.

Contact Fintz CPA's Plantation, Davie or Weston, FL office anytime to learn how.