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Income Statement

How do you really know?  CPA's turn to the income statement.  This is where the sky is the limit.  You have the opportunity to clearly segregate and customize the elements of your business and monitor their individual performance.  You may have one office or location but different lines of business.  You may have multiple locations but some seem to do better than the other others but you are never really sure.  With Fintz CPA preparing your income statement you can:


I hate doing the Bank Reconciliations


Bank Statements

This is a tiring task but one that offers you the insight that you need to see what is happening with your cash.  You know you are profitable but can't seem to figure out where all the cash went.  Besides performing the bank reconciliation, Fintz CPA can alert you of:

Cash optimization
Cash Flows
Bank reconciliations are done.  I am done. Right?
How are your cash flows?  Cash flows drive your business.  Too little and you can face tough decisions.  Too much and you may be missing out on the best allocation of your cash excess.  Fintz CPA knows what it takes to run a tight ship and making sure cash is where it is needed and when it needed.  These efforts will allow you to:
Balance Sheet

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